About my Services

Licensed Acupuncturist (CA): PJ has been in practice for 20 years. Education in Chinese medicine includes diagnostics, acupuncture, body work and herbology.

Pendulum work: The pendulum can be nothing short of amazing in that we can swirl/direct energy to increase the energy or to decrease. For an example to increase the good and to dial back the negative. PJ incorporates pendulum work at the end of each session to enhance the result, however it can be used as a standalone tool.

TFT-ADV: (Thought Field Therapy:Advanced) is the designation given by the headquarters, Callahan Techniques, to those who have completed advanced trading in the original tapping technique, TFT. Dr. Roger Callahan devoted TFT over 30 years and is “evidence based medicine” This tapping method addresses emotional, mental and physical stressors in a quick and elegant way without the need to “rehash it all.”

Nutrition: The study of nutrition is part and parcel of Chinese medical school, however, PJ has trained an additional 300 hours and considers how we fuel ourselves to be the cornerstone of wellness and good health.

Sound Healing: This modality is the culmination of training and 20 years of experience with tuning forks and can be done whether you are physically in PJ’s office or on another continent. Through the sound emitted by the tuning fork, specific tuning fork frequencies comb through our energy field around the body and change our frequency. Everything starts in the field and sound changes the field. As with everything, successful tuning fork work is the combination of skill and clear intent.

Emotion Code: Developed by Bradley Nelson, DC. “EC” is a simple way to bring about big change. Muscle testing/checking used with a flowchart hones in on our “whys” and with an energy sweep, trapped emotions once identified can be released.

Matrix Reimprinting: This modality was developed by Karl Dawson, Master EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner. MR enhances health by transforming, even rewriting memories of a painful past. The system uses the tapping technique, EFT. PJ uses TFT in her delivery of the system.

Muscle Testing/Checking: PJ is a Master muscle tester and has been using this method for 22 years. Mastery level was achieved through training in NRT-Nutrition Response Testing, which uses nutrition to determine a weak or strong response to the item. Yet, accurate muscle testing has a wide range of other applications and helps us get to the root of cause and thereby provides guidance, insight and clarification.

NAET/TFT-Toxin Removal: NAET was developed by Devi Nambudripad, M.D. and is a system of food and chemical desensitization. TFT-Thought Field Therapy, addresses sensitivities as the toxins.  These systems determine areas of sensitivity in an individual’s life, be they foods, chemicals or another person. PJ combines both systems without altering the integrity of either.

Homeopathy: PJ has extensive training in homeopathy.

These healing systems are available remotely for people and animals.


“PJ has saved my life! I was diagnosed with a rare, dire autoimmune disease and I had lost 18 lb. I barely weighed 100 lb I was only able to eat white rice and spinach,food would get stuck in my throat for hours. I couldn’t even walk across the street to get the mail. She first helped me with my Stress and Anxiety, which had become a huge problem. She used a very effective and quick process called TFT.

PJ has the most extensive resume of anyone I’ve ever met. I’m convinced she has knows every modality out there. She has a gift and combines them to create the perfect balance/environment for healing. Healing the Mind, Body and Soul . She was holding my hand leading me step-by-step back to life. She muscle tested the food I ate to see if my body was going to react. I was finally able to gain some weight. The best part was she was able to do all of this through Skype. I was unable to leave my house so this was perfect. She recommended specific supplements and homeopathics that help me regain my strength.

PJ has a heart of gold and truly cares about helping people. After a month I was able to return to work part-time. It has been 4 months and I have gained 14 lb and I’m almost symptom free. It is truly a miracle! I give credit to God for bringing me PJ my healing angel she is such a blessing to anyone who gets the privilege to work with her.”