“PJ is a beautiful healer and a gentle spirit.  I am truly amazed at the things she can do.  TFT is an amazing healing tool and I have seen incredible results personally from PJ using it on me.  I have problems with my stomach causing me to throw up frequently.  PJ used TFT on me and this is happening much less frequently.  I experienced horrible anxiety over flying, and before my last trip PJ did a TFT session with me and the experience was easy and painless.  PJ also used TFT in dealing with a personal emotional issue I have carried for many years and afterwards it simply did not have the same emotional hold on me.  I don’t know how she does it, but she does.  TFT can be done with the same results remotely.  I had a phone session with PJ with the exact same results.  This process works- the relief is instantaneous and lasting.  I have found a process that is effective in relieving physical symptoms as well as emotional baggage.  Thank you PJ for restoring my health and my quality of life.”

– K. L.

“I have internal organ damage from cancer radiation which has caused me to have multiple food and beverage sensitivities. No MD was able to help me from 2000 until 2012 when my PA referred me to PJ. I did see her in her clinic until early June of 2015, but since 2015 our work has been done on Skype.

After P.J. closed her physical office I did try seeing a local NRT/NAET practitioner (PJ used these techniques too) but she barely helped me. It was PJ’s remote food and liquid desensitizations, muscle testing and health and nutrition coaching that finally has made my life more comfortable. I feel despite my diagnoses of various autoimmune challenges and radiation damage I have some quality of life now.

More recently, PJ has used TFT with me and it has helped me destress which is saying something as I have an aged and declining mother for whom I am the primary caregiver.”
– Ann Harvey

“WOW! Who knew? I think I speak for many of us when it comes to something different, unique, or out of the ordinary, we are naturally skeptical until we try it…

PJ performed a tapping session with me, and I couldn’t believe the results.. In one session…

A few simple, specific words hummed in harmony, along with strategic tap locations on my face and hands brought such complete relaxation to my being. In fact, immediately after the session, I had to go home and take a nap…..Woke up anew… I could take on anything, in a most positive way! I was confident. PS those were the results I was originally seeking…

I highly recommend this therapy……………”
– Kim B.

“A change of thought… I came to PJ seeking relief of arthritic shoulder pain that I have been dealing with for years. After an acupuncture therapy session, PJ also performed a tapping session with me. At first, I didn’t know what to think. After all, how could humming a few repetitive words in sequence, tapping my face and hands have anything to do with pain?

After the session, I could hardly believe what was to come next… Complete relaxation, my mind was so calm, all I could think of doing was getting home to take a nap…

Amazed with the results, PJ shared with me that past disappointments, negative people, can and often does affect the physical body.

I still have arthritis in my shoulders, but, along with physical therapy, and simply tapping on my forehead when negative thoughts come to mind, I am doing much better, more pain-free…”
– S. Bolton

“PJ has saved my life! I was diagnosed with a rare, dire autoimmune disease and I had lost 18 lb. I barely weighed 100 lb I was only able to eat white rice and spinach, food would get stuck in my throat for hours. I couldn’t even walk across the street to get the mail. She first helped me with my Stress and Anxiety, which had become a huge problem. She used a very effective and quick process called TFT.

PJ has the most extensive resume of anyone I’ve ever met. I’m convinced she has knows every modality out there. She has a gift and combines them to create the perfect balance/environment for healing. Healing the Mind, Body and Soul . She was holding my hand leading me step-by-step back to life. She muscle tested the food I ate to see if my body was going to react. I was finally able to gain some weight. The best part was she was able to do all of this through Skype. I was unable to leave my house so this was perfect. She recommended specific supplements and homeopathics that help me regain my strength.

PJ has a heart of gold and truly cares about helping people. After a month I was able to return to work part-time. It has been 4 months and I have gained 14 lb and I’m almost symptom free. It is truly a miracle! I give credit to God for bringing me PJ my healing angel she is such a blessing to anyone who gets the privilege to work with her.”